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Canadian artist to attend exhibitions for art and technology marriage (newspaper)

On the morning of June 24th, the opening ceremony of the "Art of Reality and Abstraction" was held by the Tianjin Cultural Industry Association, Hexi District Party Committee Propaganda Department and Chentangzhuang Art and Science and Technology Museum.

The exhibition shows the artistic works of Professor Gerald Hushlak, Department of Art, University of Calgary, Canada. Gerald Hushlak currently serves on the Department of Art at the University of Calgary, Canada as a professor of painting and computer graphics. Professor Hushlak has been working on the creation of science and technology and art as an artist. He has taken material from the world through photographic technology and then processed it through computer technology. Every time the computer is processed it will show different art images. Gerald Hushlak said he was very pleased to be invited to present a solo exhibition. Through this exhibition, he will not only be able to showcase the fusion of technological works, but also interest in the use of Chinese elements into the future of artistic creation to capture and reflect the more beautiful world. Gerald Hushlak plans to join hands with Tianjin artists to organize a high-profile exhibition.

The exhibition also received the Tianjin Cultural and Creative Industry Association, Young Entrepreneurs Union, China Photographic Society and Tianjin University of Science and Technology School of Art and Design, Tianjin Normal University Art College and other colleges and universities support.

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