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The computer has evolved from the traditional tool serving the artist and has found a new identity as a creative partner that “leads” the artist.

The intent of my camera is to gather digital input as a starting point for inventing new metaphorical subjects birthed through an iterative computer evolutionary breeding process, not unlike the work of Darwin and Mendel.  Photographic input is skewed to optimize the software resident on a half dozen computers running 24/7 that breed suites of drawings.  Because they inform each other, my preference is to exhibit the drawings in clusters. Within this process of iterative creation, the occasional “wild card hybrid” offers an unimagined departure point for building new vocabularies that “imagineer” new aesthetic and design relationships.   Like a stream of water finding its own path after a rainstorm, the hybrids situational journey collides and offers a conversation with the machines predictability.

Swarm ART

Swarm ART

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Silk Drawings, Chentang Zhuang Art and Technology Museum, Tianjin, China, June-July, 2017

Lenticular Transformations, Chentang Zhuang Art and Technology Museum, Tianjin, China, June-July, 2017

The Nth Degree, Foundry Art Centre, St. Charles, MO, April-June 2017 

Taking Pictures 2017, Online, Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon, April, 2017 

Colors of Life, Online Exhibition, Art Galllery de Lorraine, April, 2017 

2nd Annual Open Online Exhibition, Honorable Mention, International Gallery of the Arts, Toronto, Ontario, April 2017 

2017 Waterloo Arts Juried Exhibition, Waterloo Arts, Cleveland, Ohio, June-July 

Douro International Printmaking Biennial 2017, Alijo, Portugal, 2017

50 Year Anniversary Exhibition, Nickle Gallery, University of Calgary, 2016

2nd Global Print 2015,  Douro Museum, Regua, Portugal,

Art Commission, Glenrose Hospital, Edmonton, 2014

Gerald Hushlak collaborating with Carlos Zeta, Lopuz Diarakato, National Institute of Archelogy and History (INAH), Mazatlan, 2014

Made in Calgary: the 1980s, Part Two, MOCA, Calgary, 2013

Made in Calgary: The 1960s, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, 2013

Art of the 70's, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, 2013  

SwarmArt, Gerald Hushlak, Christian Jacob, Leonardo magazine, 2013

Art to Shape our World, Two Rivers Public Art Gallery, Prince George, 2012​


San Francisco Musuem of Modern Art, Computer Art

Victoria and Albert Museum, Prints Drawings and Painting Collection, Computer Art

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