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Opening Reception and Artist'sTalk, June 24, 2017

Tianjin Art Network today (June 24), by the Tianjin Cultural Industry Association, Tianjin Cultural and Creative Industry Association, Hexi District Propaganda Department, Tianjin Youth Entrepreneurs Union, Chen Tong Zhuang Art Science and Technology Museum, "Imaging Technology" magazine Organized by the Chinese Photographic Society, the "Art of Reality, Abstract - Gerald Hushlak Art Exhibition" was opened at the Chen Tong Zhuang Art Technology Museum. The exhibition is a collection of more than 60 pieces of artistic works by Professor Gerald Hushlak of the University of Calgary, Canada. He presents the media as a medium for the display of media, in the point, in the line, in the face, in time and space. charm.

Deputy director of the Tianjin Municipal People's Congress, former vice chairman of the Tianjin Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, Cao Xiurong, former director of the Tianjin Cultural and Cultural Association, former director of the Tianjin Cultural and Historical Museum, , Tianjin Youth Entrepreneurs Union President Wang Cunguo, Tianjin Creative Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhu Yanjun, China Photographic Society Deputy Secretary-General Niu Guiping, "Imaging Technology" magazine editor, Tianjin photosensitive materials Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang Yongguang, Tianjin photosensitive materials Co., Ltd. vice General manager Zhang Chunsheng, Chen Tongzhuang porcelain art director Li Jinling, as well as painters Zhang Lijun, Chen Gang, love Xinjue Luo Yong, Zheng Shaoying, Chang Jinxiang, Zhuang Xueyang, Li Lan, Gao Jianzhang, Shao Hong, Xu Jun attended Exhibition opening event.

Gerald Hushlak , Nickname Jerry, received a master's degree from the Royal College of Art in 1974, and began teaching at the University of Calgary Arts in Canada in 1977 and now a professor of computer graphics and painting at the University of Calgary, Canada. Professor Gerald Hushlak has been working for the creation of technology and art for more than 40 years. As an artist, he takes the material from the world through photographic technology, and then through the computer technology to deal with it, the computer every time the treatment will show a different art image.

Chen Tong Zhuang Art Science and Technology Museum has been committed to providing the public with the pleasure of art, while adhering to the culture "going out, introduced to" the "one way" approach, and actively build a platform for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. Prof. Gerald Hushlak, at the invitation of the Chentangzhuang Art and Science and Technology Museum, will present a personal exhibition, not only to showcase the fusion of technological works, but also to integrate Chinese elements into it to capture and reflect the more beautiful world.

It is reported that "the art of reaction, abstract recognition - Gerald Hushlak art exhibition" for a week, will show to June 30. (Package Zhongchuan, Liu Juncang)

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